Strategic Cost Optimisation - strategic savings

Strategic Cost Optimisation

Reduce your external spend by over 35%
and unleash the art of the possible

Base on a company’s spend profile Onarach delivers high
double digit Asset and Service savings (Capex and Opex)

“I now believe”

Strategic Cost Optimisation

Partner with Onarach
and deliver cost savings over 35%

Onarach, has a global capability and over 30 years
combined experience delivering economic and strategic

“I outperformed”

Our Strategic Cost Optimisation Services

Regardless of your size, level of expertise, industry or geography, or where you are in the lifecycle of your technology, professional services or property agreements, Onarach can help you discover, capture and retain significant value.

Clients pay for our services through savings identified and delivered by us > Every time

strategic cost optimisation

Strategic Cost Optimisation

Client double-digit savings through Strategic Cost Optimisation projects

  • Existing spend analysis
  • Savings opportunity screening
  • Execution strategy development

strategic sourcing

Strategic Sourcing

Refinement of sourcing strategies & unlocking of additional contractual values

  • Supplier optimisation
  • Deal pricing comparisons
  • Agnostic supplier selection

advanced negotiations

Advanced Negotiations

Define clear negotiation strategies, with set timelines, KPIs and milestones

  • Enhanced negotiations skills
  • Negotiation of supplier contracts
  • 3D negotiating techniques

execution of new optimisation strategy

Execution of New Optimisation Strategy

Deploy & manage optimisation team to execute strategy

  • Communicate optimisation plan
  • Communicate negotiation plan
  • Execute & deliver cost saving

execution of existing optimisation strategy

Execution of Existing Optimisation Strategy

Deploy & manage optimisation team to execute strategy

  • Review contractual obligations
  • Review execution plan
  • Refine and execute strategy

execution of transformation programme

Execution of Transformation Programme

Deploy & manage transition team to execute strategy

  • Review delivery schedule
  • Review contractual obligations
  • Deliver successful programme

Core Areas of Saving

optimise spend on





optimise spend on

Professional Services


Contractor Services

Project Management

optimise spend on



In-Property Services

Facilities Management

We differentiate by sharing project delivery risk and are primarily remunerated via gain-share from the executed savings we discover, capture and retain for our clients. This is a unique option for clients seeking performance-based fee structures.

We look at Value in 3 Dimensions


Identifying value in your existing or future investments


Negotiating and achieving the identified value


Retaining the captured value throughout the contract duration

Strategic cost optimisation

Our Experience

Onarach, has a global capability and over 30 years combined experience delivering economic and strategic value

Including to the world´s top Private Equity houses on pre-acquisition due diligence, saving hundreds of millions in post deal savings, and have worked on high profile projects including UK Tier 1 Telecom, Financial Markets and FTSE 100 clients

Client Examples

Financial Services

Financial Services

We reduced the cost of an outsourced development services contract for a UK Banking group by 50% saving £40 Million on a 5 year contract



We reduced enterprise software license and maintenance costs by 75% in a UK Tier 1 Telco, saving £640K per year for the same user group. We have also managed highly complex Programme wide acquisition of technology and services

Utilities, Oil and Gas

Utilities, Oil and Gas

Multiple executed projects around technology spend and debt management and, due to Utilities heavily utilising technology to deliver customer services