The power of an international network for increased International Sales

The power of an international network for increased International Sales

Until you see what a real network can do, it will be difficult to visualise the power and growth accelerator these high level networks give.

Many companies approach sales in different ways. Some use only telephone and digital sales. Some employ local people in the different countries they work. Some sell through regional distribution deals with large and trustworthy distributors.

All the above are correct and we strongly believe a balanced portfolio approach works best.

However having a high level network is worth its weight in gold – literally. This is where phone calls are made and then companies walk straight into large companies at the highest board level and work the “Top Down Approach”.

The probability of a successful sale dramatically increases when contacts are shared at the top echelons of business – where no door stays closed for long!

The optimum Platform for International sales:

International network of high level contacts making friendly introductions at the highest echelons of business
Strong partnership agreements with quality distributors and solution providers in multi locations and regions
An array of highly motivated and trained sales people, success fee based, in the different regions allowing a personal touch to sales
A strong sales management and reporting culture
A strong and ROI focused digital strategy for international client acquisition

Onarach has a high level international network of contacts, second to none, and covers all geographies globally. We can help you build your own network or you can plug into ours.

Speak with Onarach to see how we can assist your business growth plans!